Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Day At The Zoo

Yesterday, my daughter Ashley called and asked what we could do to get the kids out of the house to have some fun! We decided on the zoo so she called older sister, and I called younger sister to see if they were in for a day at the zoo.  Well, older sister had plans so Harry wasn’t able to join us, but she did so graciously let us use their zoo membership card so 2 of us got in free.  Thanks Apes!! Anyway we got started a little late so by the time we stopped to eat and get gas it was the time of day where the sun was working it’s magic!! HOT blazes!!! It was hot but we did have somewhat of a breeze which only helped while in the shade.100_3598

This was right after we got there.


Tuff was already hot with his red cheeks!! It looks like he has a sunburn but we did bathe them in sunscreen! TWICE!!!



It looks like they are having their own little conversation!


Ms. Butter Bean thought she was the biggest thing standing there holding on all by herself!!


This was Tuff’s favorite thing! The bamboo walking trail!! We loved it too because it was completely shaded!!


Not a very good picture but it was a little hard to get them both still.  They were busy and wanting to be on the go!!


A little break for something cold to drink!!


Ms. Butter Bean was ready to move on and be done with the pictures!


Headed to the car! We were all hot and tired but had a good hot day!!

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