Sunday, April 19, 2009

Blah!! Just Blah!!

I haven't really in the mood for much blogging this past week. I haven't really been in the mood to do much of anything this past week. I think the weather has really gotten to me. The tornadoes that our neighbors in the next town endured has really been on my mind. We are all grateful that not many people were killed. The mother and her 3 month old baby was just a tragedy. But there were a lot of lives that have been changed forever. We just have to have faith and trust in Him that this happened for His glory.

Our Rebel (BreeAnn) left today for her senior trip so this will be a really fun week for her. I hope she savors it all so she will have some great memories. Then she auditioned for Tennessee's Got Talent and was chosen as one of 20 to compete on the second of May. This will benefit Breast Cancer so it is for a great cause and she will get to meet a lot of new people and use her singing talent which she loves to do. Out of the 20 finalists they will pick one to sing at the local fair in that town. Then on May 8th she has prom and then May 16th we will be having a baby shower to welcome baby Tuff and May 22nd BreeAnn will be graduating from high school and getting ready for college and becoming a real adult. So I have a busy month this coming month. Maybe I have so much going on that I am just feeling overwhelmed.

Victoria was finally tested and we will find out the results of that on Monday the 27th. So I am definitely anxious about that outcome.

We have 5 more weeks of school left and I have to say that I can't wait. I love my job and I love the ladies that I work with but I am just exhausted. I need a rest from all the mental stress and I think all this blahness will go away.

Well that's it folks. Just wanted to update everyone.

Hope everyone has a blessed and great week!!!!


  1. You will be stress relieved until I go back to work... then you will have Tuffy to stress you out. hehehe. It's time to be a MeMe!!!! :)
    Love you!

  2. I completely understand how you feel! I am so blah and I can NOT wait for school to be out! I just want to stay at home everyday! LOL Maybe we'll get out of this rut soon! Can't wait to see what all cute stuff the Tuff-ster gets at his shower!

  3. So, are you going to be staying home for good to watch Tuff?


  4. You need to write on this thing! You are getting B O R I N G . . .