Thursday, April 2, 2009

Prayer Request For My Cuz, Patrice!!!

Just wanted to put out a prayer request for my cousin Patrice, she is having her Gallbladder out today. And if any of you read her blog ( you know she is scared to death. I just heard from hubby who says he hasn't had any updates and they took her back at 1:30. So it's been about an hour and a half so please pray that everything is ok.
It's been back to work for me this week after my spring break and it's been kickin my butt!!! I am so ready for summer.


  1. Did Jeremy and call you and let you know she is out of surgery and should be back in her room soon??

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  3. You are so funny! He is WAY cute, although I didn't use to think so! The second book isn't nearly as good as the 1st and the last it'd probably disappoint you too! It's just whatever you can get in to, I guess.....
    Daddy wanted me to ask you if you were still working at Woodland? lol

  4. yeah still working at woodland but this will be my last year being I am going to be a MeMe and will be keeping Tuff while Ashley works.
    I have always really liked your dad and respected him. I don't get by the courthouse like I had wanted to so I could keep in touch with everybody but I do think about everyone there alot. But....I certainly don't miss my job at the jail!!! HeHe