Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Need a Break Please!!! and a few updates!!!

Well, I started this post earlier but decided I had better wait a while before I posted. Today has been really draining for me. I just feel like I need a break!!! Just a Break...That's all!!!!! I don't really want to go into what I need a break from because if you knew me well, you would know that I DON'T like to hurt feelings. So that is all I am going to say on that issue!!!!

Tonight I went to a gold party held for my daughter April and hubby Brandon. You take all your old gold jewelry that is broken, knotted or in perfect shape, that you don't want or need anymore and it gets appraised and weighed and you get money for it. 10% of your earnings went to April to go towards their adoption fees....Yes, I said adoption. I haven't really posted about it yet but they have a referral for a baby boy and if they raise the needed amount of money by May 6 they will be getting to love and nurture this sweet little boy as their own. We are all super excited and can't wait to meet Harrison.. That's his name that they have given him and he is just the sweetest little baby. So if all goes well we will have another grandson in 4 to 6 months.

Please say a prayer for April and Brandon and also baby Harrison.

As for baby Tuff...He is growing stronger everyday. We can't wait to meet him in July. We are having a baby shower for Ashley and Jordan in the next few weeks so that will be exciting.

Victoria was finally tested at school and she did test with a learning disability so starting next year she will be learning new ways to learn. Did that make sense???? Anyway it has been a long time of waiting but hopefully she will be getting the help she needs.

BreeAnn is getting ready for graduation. Two and half more weeks.. Can I hear a big Woo to the Hoo Please????? She will be singing in Tennessee's Got Talent in McMinnville this Saturday at 2p.m. at the fair grounds. There are 20 finalists and if she wins she will get to sing at the Warren Co. Fair. So if you are looking for something fun to do this weekend head on out to McMinnville, Tn and it also benefits Breast Cancer. So it will also be fun and a good cause.

Well that's it my bloggy friends. Hope you all have a great and blessed weekend.


  1. First off, tonight was fun! Glad that we could be a little grumpy together and then cheer up some! Can't wait for practice curtian day....I have some material that we can play with!

    Second, I can't wait for Tuffie and little Harrison to come! It will be a lot of fun watching both girls doing what we did not too long ago!! Plus they are both boys, so one day they will be best buds! Yay!

    We need a break together! Lets plan on a A&P night out!! SOON!

  2. I am so excited for your familly...two grandsons at once..what could be better? I know your girls will both be awesome mothers...they have a great role model to go by. And, cheer up! Only 17 days of school left. I don't know who/what you're referring to, but I am having A LOT of days like that right now! May 28th is NOT coming soon enough! LOL And, I'll find out about the light fixture for you! Have a great weekend!

  3. Well poo that didn't tell us anything about why you need a break? Better get those breaks in now before the babies come! ;)

  4. Well booooo !!!! I can't see Breeann sing or graduate!!!! Oh well, I hope to see her during the summer when I come up for my only trip probably!!!!
    Love ya'll!