Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cheddar's, Painting, Target and Tornadoes!!

Today my cuz Patrice was painting her kitchen a new kinda "palest of blue". So I just decided I would invite myself over to help with this big task. Her kitchen was Burgundy and dark so I was thinking it would 5o coats of paint and two weeks of being sore before this would get done. Well turns out it only took two coats and one trip to the paint store to get it just right. We still have the peeks to tackle in her kitchen but it has turned really pretty and I love it. Also, while I was there Good Friday turned out to be a stressful time because it did take us longer to paint due to tornadoes being on the ground all around us. So you can see I was half glued to the tv when I should have been painting. But BreeAnn was missing and my Ashley is my little weather girl who totally hates bad weather and she will sit in front of the tv tracking every little red, purple, blue and whatever other color indicates bad weather and keep us up to date. Well, she was at work and I knew she would be scared. So I called her work to make sure she was in a safe place and no answer!!! Called her cell and no answer!! Ok I am in panic mode by now and finally get in touch with her fiance and he says they are fine. Finally find BreeAnn and all is well so back to painting I went. So you can see in the pic that we had a lot of damage in our neighboring town. Please keep these families in your prayers as they try to pick up the pieces and get their lives back to some normalcy. On another note: The ladies (that I work with at my school ) and I went out to celebrate the birth of Denisha's baby boy that will make his presence on May 5, 2009. Well, Denisha ended up with an ear infection and could not go but we decided to go full speed ahead and went here to have dinner....Had anyone eaten at Cheddar's?? It was great. Here are me and my friends that I love so much and will miss next year.Left side me (front) Deia (back), right side Stephanie (front) and Robbie behind her. Then we headed over to Target to get our last few things for Denisha's baby shower. Has anyone noticed what funky carts that the new Targets have. Well, let me tell you, they are amazing!!! They are so cutie cutie and space age and guess what??? They just glide across the floor and are so smooth to push. None of that rattling going on with these carts. Woo to the Hoo!!!


  1. I hope everyone is safe today from the tornadoes. Your lunch sounds like it was fun and delicious.

    I wish our Target had those, I always get the one that sounds like a freight train is coming thru the store.

  2. What a day! BTW, Jerm is mad at you, he said his good help didn't show up and his others helpers have attitudes! HA!